London Fieldwork - Public Space and the Street Musician

The purpose of conducting this brief study has been to begin to examine the use of performing space by street musicians, or, as they are commonly known, 'buskers'. I have concentrated on street musicians in particular because they are less mobile than other street performers and are therefore handicapped as to the extent to which they can move around within their performance space. Other street performers such as jugglers or comedians are able to move freely within their selected space, sometimes interacting with members of their transitory audience, the public. This is generally not the case for street musicians who although able to talk to their audience and make facial expressions to communicate their feelings are in the main bound to the same spot. More often than not this is because of the limiting effects of their instrument, perhaps they play a large drum which is not easy to move around or are using amplification and therefore are attached in some way by leads and cables. It may also be the case that they do not have the space to move freely without getting in other people's way.


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Alexander Roberts